Andalucía’s rich and colourful past appeals to a multitude of different people with a plethora of varied tastes. It truly is a melting pot of cultures waiting to be savoured. 


Eating out is a serious business in southern Spain, particularly on Sundays and fiestas. It often involves the entire family, and - aided by good conversation and a bottle or two of wine - takes up most of the afternoon.

Invariably the venue is a Venta - a simple country style restaurant or a chiringuito, a bustling beach side eatery where paella tastes all the better for the sea view.

Markets are another colourful aspect of life in Andalucia. 

Most towns and villages hold their own each week, some specialising in local produce, clothing and household goods, while others - such as the Saturday morning market at the Nueva Andalucia bullring/Centro Plaza - are dedicated to art and handicrafts.


The near perfect climate means that much of life is spent outdoors - breakfast on the terrace, a barbecue lunch by the pool, and dinner beneath the stars! Street life, too, is vibrant and never more so than during a fiesta.

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